Frequently asked questions and the answers to them.

How can our school/community find out more about Prodigy Student Travel?

A representative of Prodigy will gladly come to your school and hold an introductory parent/community meeting. During this meeting, the PST representative will go over the planned itinerary, as well as a summary of the payment schedule. He/she will also answer any questions that the community has with regard to Prodigy in particular, or student tourism in general.

What does quad hotel occupancy mean?

Unless otherwise noted, same-gender students stay 4-to-a-room. Each room has two full-size beds.

What are the hotels like?

We stay in hotels that are AAA approved – properties such as Hampton Inn, Comfort Inn, Best Western, & Sheraton, to name a few. All of our hotels have indoor corridors and student rooms do not have balconies.

What are the buses like?

Prodigy Student Travel works with many different carriers. We make every effort to travel in motorcoaches that are no more than four years old. Each bus comes with a DVD/VCR player and TVs, a microphone, overhead travel compartments, comfortable seats, and a restroom on board. All drivers are CDL licensed and have experience working with students.

Are the prices all-inclusive?

Yes, unless dictated otherwise by the school. For 95% of Prodigy tours, students need only bring additional money for souvenirs. Everything else, such as entry fees, tickets, transportation, accommodations, meals and gratuities, are included in the tour price.

How many adults will be with the students?

We maintain a 1:10 chaperone-to-student ratio on every tour. For example, if 100 kids are on the tour, 10 adults from the school will also be on the trip. Each tour bus is staffed by one additional tour director.

Who dictates who the chaperones will be?

The school has complete control over who comes along as a chaperone. Most of the time, chaperones are teachers, administrators, or employees of the school district. Occasionally, parents are invited to be chaperones. Parents, however, frequently come along on the tours as a paid customer. Please contact your particular school for guidance on this subject.

Are adults permitted to ride along or behind the motorcoaches in their own cars?

We don’t recommend it. Many things are subject to change during the course of a tour and parking is often extremely difficult to obtain. For these and many other reasons, Prodigy strongly encourages all travelers to ride on the motorcoaches.

How experienced are your tour directors?

Our average tour director has conducted approximately 70 tours and often specializes in two to three particular cities.

What if my student has dietary restrictions?

Please contact Susan Otte at our office to discuss the specific restrictions (diabetic, glucose or bread, etc.) We will make sure your student has all of the information he/she needs.

What about medical and/or medicinal needs?

Please contact the school directly about these questions as school policies often differ.

What are your refund policies?

Prodigy Student Travel has two different refund policies: one for individual cancellations and one for group, or school, cancellations. We believe that both policies are among the most liberal in the industry:

Individual Refund Policy:

1) Deposit (usually $75 to $100) is non-refundable, 2) Beyond the non-refundable deposit, portion of trip costs that are refunded to Prodigy will be refunded to customers up until 30 days before the tour, 3) Refunds made within 30 days of the tour will be made at the discretion of Prodigy Student Travel.

Group/School Refund Policy:

If the collective group or school cancels the tour for security reasons up to 60 days before the tour, each traveler will receive a refund equal to 90% of the total tour price. If the group or school cancels within 60 days of the tour, each traveler will receive a refund equal to 80% of the total tour price.

When are deposits due?

Deposits are generally due approximately six months prior to the tour, with the balance due six weeks from the departure date. Payment plans are also frequently implemented by the respective schools.